Hassle free claim settlement on real time basis!

TPL Life is always striving to provide its customers with innovative yet simplified, fast yet reliable, instantaneous yet customer friendly solutions.

Keeping the above in view, we are much delighted to announce another new initiative in health insurance industry – Health Insurance Claim Settlement on WhatsApp!

Step  1

Add TPL WhatsApp number +92 301 8247803 in your smartphone.


Drop us a line at our website/call at UAN number intimating you want claim settlement on WhatsApp. TPL Life representative will guide you further.

Step 2

Install WhatsApp

Step 3

Label/Mark the documents (Eg. Your Name_Document Name) and send it to TPL Life WhatsApp number

Step 4

Upon receiving of complete claim documents/hospital bills, you will be notified*

Step 5

After claim evaluation, your claim amount will be transferred to you via IBFT/cheque whichever option is chosen by you.

* TPL Life claims department reserves the right to call original and further claim documents for disbursement of claim on following conditions:


  • HR/doctor signature stamp missing on claim form
  • Documents are not clear (poor image quality)
  • Ambiguity in claim documents
  • Physical Verification is required