Salamti Plan

Find ever-improving healthcare for your loved ones with TPL Life’s Salamati Plan.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Packages
  • Helps in case of Hospitalization (Pre & Post)
  • Cashless Facility at Panel Hospitals
  • Reimbursement in case of Non – Panel Hospitals
  • Financial help in case of Child Birth
  • Entire family can be covered

Special features

In addition to the significant annual Hospitalization Limit of PKR 350,000, Salamti Plan also includes a daily room and board sublimit of a Semi Private Room. The insured also receives Rs. 35,000 cover for Accidental Emergency Treatment and Rs. 50,000 for emergency evacuation.

Optional Benefit (Maternity)
  • *Maternity benefit can also be included for your spouse with the following attractive Maternity Limits:
    • Normal Delivery – Rs. 30,000
    • C-Section – Rs. 45,000
    • D&C – 12,500
  • *Terms & Conditions Apply

Product Specs

Those insured under the Salamati Plan enjoy annual coverage worth Rs 350,000 for basic hospital care, room, and board within network hospitals, and with a co-payment of 80:20 at non-network hospitals.

Who is it for?


  • Over all Limit of the Plan:  350000
  • Panel Hospital:  No Co –payment
  • Non Panel Hospital:  80:20


  • Entry Age:  6 months to 60 years
  • Maximum insurable Age Limit:  64 years

Sub Limits

  • Daily Room & Board:  Semi Private
  • Accidental Emergency:  35000
  • Emergency Evacuation:  50000
  • Pre & Post hospitalization Expense Benefits (up to 30 days Pre & Post hospitalization) Ambulance Services Expenses Specialized Investigations (MRI, CT Scan, Endoscopy & Thallium Scan) Covered at Actual Costs  


  • Limits (Normal Delivery):  30000
  • C-Section:  45000
  • D&C:  12500

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