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Retail Products

Insurance is fast being recognized around the world as the best form of financial protection. TPL Life realizes this and has embarked on the journey to provide the best savings and investment plans for short and long-term financial protection. TPL Life’s insurance plans are unit-linked, which means they double up as smart investment plans.

Instant Insurance Plans

Pakistan has large and lucrative mass-affluent market that is oblivious to insurance solutions to meet their financial requirement. We see this as an opportunity to cater to the retail market through cost-efficient, innovative life and health products, accessible over the counter at any retail outlet, and activated via phone. Introducing the Shehsawar, Bodyguard & Hospital Cash Assist insurance plans for complete coverage at affordable prices!

We have over 300+ hospitals on our panel list and have launched exclusive TPL Life Lounge and Health care services at various hospitals especially to cater to the mass market.


TPL Life offers insurance policies for employees of small, medium, and large corporations. We design innovative solutions geared to boost our client’s bottom line, while saving employees on out-of-pocket expenses. Select the size and coverage that best suits your needs, and gain the security required to protect your hard work. We also offer wellness programs with our group life policies to ensure you follow a healthy lifestyle.

Micro Insurance

Protecting the rural, poor, and informal sector worker against exorbitant health expenditures and catastrophic life events is a goal most developing countries are struggling to achieve. To overcome health issues and provide financial security to the rural sector, TPL Life has devised insurance solutions at a very nominal premium. The policy covers hospitalization, maternity care, and accidental death.

We have partnered with the following banks to offer health products at a nominal premium

First Micro Finance Bank
Khushhali Bank


In order to provide one-stop professional financial services to customers, TPL Life has partnered with some of Pakistan’s major consumer and micro-finance banks.

Customers can now enjoy professional insurance advice and banking services under a single roof at each of our partner-banks’ branches.

Silk Bank

TPL Life Bazaar

E-commerce has been a game changer in more ways than one. It has been rewriting the assumptions of trade as technology advances and more and more people gain access to the internet. At TPL Life, we want to have the first-mover advantage in life insurance e-commerce; to this end, we have developed a life insurance e-commerce platform on our website where buyer can pick and purchase insurance products directly. Once a prospective customer visits the website, they can access all available products, their features, terms and conditions regarding eligibility, endorsements and exclusions. If you are always looking out for the best interests of your loved ones, and want access to an extensive suite of life and health insurance solutions customised to your needs, TPL Life has something for you!


With interest in entrepreneurship increasing steadily, the importance of business services as the backbone of the community cannot be denied. TPL Life makes the search for a life insurance business that’s right for your investment and goals very easy. -COMING SOON