What is TPL Life OPD Sahulat?

From the food you order to hailing a ride, everything is fully digitized and integrated in our world today. There is no reason that healthcare should not be a part of this digitization – which is a critical need.

In our quest to become the most preferred and trusted Customer Choice for our Life & Health Insurance Solutions via continuous innovation in our solutions both in product features as well as via evolving technologies, TPL Life along with its technology provider AugmentCare, presents to you TPL Life OPD Sahulat.

TPL Life OPD Sahulat is a platform that allows you as an Insured Customer to enjoy the benefits of the Out-Patient (OPD) facility of your health insurance policy via a robust digital process. Now enjoy the benefits of a Fast Paced yet comfortable OPD Insurance facility by:

  • Booking Doctor’s Appointments from the comfort of your homes
  • Getting Consultation from a General Physician via Video
  • Order Lab Tests from your home
  • Order Medicines from your home
  • Keep your medical records in one place

How does TPL Life OPD Sahulat Helps Me as an Employer?

  • Enable employees to consult a doctor Anytime & Anywhere
  • Track and manage health care spending seamlessly
  • Replace Pay-and-Claim with Cashless healthcare transactions
  • Connect online with your insurance provider for claim filing and processing
  • Use Wellness tools to keep your employees healthy and productive
  • Get Actionable data analytics for your organization