How can I avail TPL Life – Disease Based Digital Health Plan?

You can avail these Products by following the below mentioned easy steps:

  1. Visits TPL Life’s Website:
  2. Select the Product you wish to buy
  3. Give personal details for Policy Issuance
  4. Accept Terms & Conditions
  5. Pay Premium
  6. Congratulations – You are Insured!

I am already diagnosed with one of the covered diseases, will I be covered?

Pre-existing diseases are not covered.

What is meant by ‘waiting period’ and is it applied under this Plan?

There is a waiting period of fourteen (14) days which means that no benefit will be paid if a claim arises within 14 days from the Issue Date of this Policy.

Can I cancel the policy after issuance?

No this policy cannot be cancelled after issuance.

How can I make a Claim?

Cashless services are available at TPL Life’s Panel Hospitals  throughout the country, which can be availed in case of emergency hospitalization due to any of the diseases covered. All you have to do is show your CNIC for policy validation.

In case of treatment at a non-panel hospital, the claim has to be intimated within 30 days after discharge from hospital by calling us at 021-111-000-330 or through website, email or whatsapp

What documents will be required in order to file a Claim?

The following supporting documents will be required and can be uploaded digitally:

  1. Hospital Discharge Summary.
  2. Medical bills, etc.
  3. Any other documents as required by TPL Life.

Although all required documents can be submitted digitally, TPL Life Insurance reserves the right to ask for original documents for verification purposes or for special cases.

If you wish to use standard procedure to file a claim then the following documents will be required (within 30 days after discharge from hospital):

  1. Claim form (available at
  2. Hospital Discharge Summary.
  3. Medical bills, etc.

Any other documents as required by TPL Life.

Where do I need to send the above documents?

These documents will have to be submitted to the following address:

33-C, Shahbaz Commercial Area,
Lane 4, Phase 6, DHA
Karachi, Pakistan
Or you can email them at
Or you can share them on whatsapp at +923018247803

Although the disbursement of claim can be made through cheques/payorders, you have an advantage to avail the following channels for easy claim transaction:

  1. Through Interbank Fund Transfer
  2. Through Telcos (such as Easypaisa)

What are the exclusions applicable on this product?

The benefit is not payable under this policy that is caused directly or indirectly, partly or wholly by any of the following occurrences:

  1. Any accidental injury or sickness/illness other than a Covered Disease;
  2. Any Covered Disease that is not diagnosed by a Medical Practitioner who is duly registered by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council;
  3. Any Covered Disease that the Life Assured has been diagnosed with within the Waiting Period; or
  4. Any Pre-existing Covered diseases

What will I receive as proof of my coverage and how?

As soon as you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS and an e-mail containing the policy documents which will confirm your coverage.


  1. This product is underwritten by TPL Life Insurance Limited.
  2. The product is not guaranteed or insured by any of the other Group Companies of TPL Hold-ings and they are not liable in any context.
  3. Please refer to the Policy Documents for better understanding of the various terms and conditions.