Our Profile

We are TPL Life Insurance; we are life and health insurance providers, and pride ourselves on being the ‘easiest company to deal with’. We firmly believe in securing our customers’ futures and preparing them to brave unforeseen events through our array of products and exceptional customer services.

Our Vision

To become the most preferred and trusted customer choice for life and health insurance; we aim to achieve it through:

  • Unmatched passion for service and empathy for our customers
  • Speed-to-market in our initiatives
  • The highest level of integrity in our dealings
  • Continuous innovation in our solutions.

Our Mission

We create innovative customer solutions to enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of people and society.

Our Products

TPL Life offers an extensive suite of life and health insurance solutions to address a range of segments including corporate, retail, micro-health and e-commerce digital consumers. Our life and health insurance and savings solutions aid you at every stage of life, ensuring your protection and giving you access to better healthcare, while helping you secure your dreams for the future, and providing a financial cushion for any unforeseen life event, accident, or illness.

Our People

Through our team of seasoned insurance professionals, we continuously create, evolve, and dispense state-of-the-art insurance and investment products powered by the latest technologies. We market our life, savings, and investment insurance products to middle and upper-income individuals, primarily through our Super-Agent Agency System.

Corporate Profile

TPL Life Insurance Limited (Formerly AsiaCare Health & Life Insurance Limited) is a subsidiary of TPL Trakker Ltd. which is a subsidiary of TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. TPL group and has diversified investments in various companies. The company was formerly known as TPL Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. which was the operational company at that time. As a result of a scheme of arrangements in 2009, TPL Trakker (Pvt.) Ltd. was transformed into the current holding company by transferring all of its assets & liabilities to TPL Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.
TPL Life provides innovative life and health insurance products, based on international standards and tailored to cater to the divergent needs of Pakistanis. Our mandate is to operate efficient health insurance systems and to deliver quality affordable medical care for all. Our strength lies in Life and Health in our indispensable team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to innovate Pakistan’s life and health insurance industry.
Innovation and product development is the key at TPL Life and through continuous investment in innovative technology and market intelligence; we develop products that are customized to meet individual needs. The Company offers a wide range of Health and Life Insurance products and solutions for individuals, small, mid-sized and large companies and multi-national corporations.