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Simplify your life with the TPL Life App! Securely access your account at your convenience to follow your policy details, find multiple discount offerings, also can check other insurance offerings and much more through our Android App or iOS App.

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TPL Life Insurance is offering multiple insurance and saving plans for your ambitious ideas in life. The right insurance plan can help you protect your family against hardships and also prove as a savings and investment plan for your future.

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With a wide range of plans and an incredibly diverse network of doctors, clinics and hospitals across the nation, you’ll have access to many options with TPL Life. With our health insurance plans, we guarantee peace of mind and ensure that you and your family are protected from medical expenses while receiving the best treatment at a hospital of your choice at an affordable annual cost.

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TPL Life is offering Instant insurance products which are easier than buying veggies. Three tailored products for the masses include Shehsawar, Bodyguard and Hospital Cash Assist, which are cost-efficient and very conveniently available through retail outlets and online on our website. TPL Life’s instant insurance plan is the most hassle-free insurance product, breaking the myth of paper-work from the insurance industry

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You have 24/7 access to TPL Life’s team of highly trained professionals to support and assist. You can contact us through our UAN (021) 111-000-330 24×7.

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